Our shop promises each of our clients a systemized, step–by–step plan to bring out your most healthy and beautiful complexion. With our scientific approach to skin care using high–end technology, your outer beauty, and inner aesthetic will be renewed.

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Cell Fusion C  Tox Peel

CMS stands for Cell Membrance Structure, is similar to the skin’s natural protective layers comprised of lipids and keratin cells. CMS is formulated to suit all skin types but especially sensitive and problematic skin with damaged skin barriers and cornification disorders. Using High technology, CMS skin care enhances the composition and structure of the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

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BDR – Beauty Defect Repair

Age Repair Equipment
Achieve smooth and line–reduced skin by means of high-end technology. The highly effective results of the blue Calming Light is scientifically proven.

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What are people saying?

Our customers review from Yelp!
  • Eunyoung is a really wonderful person with a great practice and serene location where she works from. The spa is impeccably clean and has a very nice set up. When you enter she gives you slippers and tea and makes you feel so welcomed.
  • I would go just for the amazing massages alone! Been coming for several months now, and would recommend to anyone with adult/hormonal acne.
  • Each time I visit, I leave extremely pleased with their service because of the quality, time and effort they do on me.
  • I would totally consider going back in the future for more treatments (she has so many different lasers and machines) and would recommend her to anyone.
  • I had so many questions about skin and skincare because I was fascinated but she so patiently answered them as she concentrated on my extraction.
  • I am anticipating to see how my skin would transform! Strongly recommending Eunyoung if you are looking for care for your skin like me!
  • This place is really everything yelp reviewers are saying. Amazing service, gorgeous atmosphere, and effective treatments.